Career Profile

  • Recent Electrical Engineer graduate with honors distinction.
  • Worked as independent contractor twice during college.
  • Experience working as software engineer for two years during college.
  • Learned Android, Python, Git and Linux command line tools from on-line tutorials/videos.


Software Engineer 1

05.2017 - PRESENT
System Team at Vaddio

  • Working with FPGA and python developers to create an integrated embedded system that routes audio and video signals in professionally built AV systems.
  • I help to build a custom Linux distribution from the ‘/’ up with the Yocto Project.
  • Our team uses many other tools during development such as Jenkins, Jira, Git, Bitbake, and Puppet.

Student Intern

05.2016 - 05.2017
Hardware Design at Daktronics

  • Developed C++ code for communication with I2C sensors from a Linux system.
  • Developed a C++ library that simplifies usage of librrd, a C library for creating, updating, and using RRDs (Round Robin Databases).
  • Used Test Driven Development to implement library, used CxxTest Framework.

Student Technology Fellow

08.2013 - 05.2016
Classroom Technology Services at SDSU

  • Fixed issues with Windows computers related to networking or hardware.
  • Installed smartboards, projectors, computers, audio systems and teaching stations.

Research Assistant

03.2013 - 05.2016
EECS Department at SDSU

  • First undergraduate authorized to use the Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • Built and helped design a vacuum sputtering deposition system.
  • Installed many complex systems: heater with feedback control, gas flow control, vacuum gauges, rough pump, turbo pump, and magnetron sputtering sources.

Software Developer Resident

06.2015 - 12.2015
Subcontractor for Earth Resources Observation Systems

  • Wrote python code utilized in a production system used by scientists worldwide.
  • Member of a small team using agile development methods.
  • Researched upcoming technologies and techniques: Hadoop, Docker, map reduce, Microservices, and distributed processing systems.

Sputtering System Lab Technician

09.2014 - 02.2015

  • Operated Ion Beam Assisted Deposition System to produce Flyback transformers.
  • Repaired or installed components on the sputtering system.


Hardware Integrated Prototyping Environment at SDSU Engineering Expo - Nathan Genetzky, Jordan Ulmer, Tanner Johnson (SDSU, 2017)
Design and Verification of a SPI to JTAG Interface Adapter - Nathan Genetzky, Jordan Ulmer (SDSU, 2017)
Interactive User Interface with PIC18 Microcontroller - Nathan Genetzky, Drake Jeno (SDSU, 2017)
Particle Projects - Firmware for micro controllers sold by for use with wifi or cellular cloud devices.

Skills & Proficiency

Terminal Workflow (Vim, GNU tools, shell scripting)

Developer Tools (Docker, Jenkins, Git)

Yocto (Build System, Embedded Distro, BSP Support)

Linux Kernel (Drivers, Config, BSP)

Python Middleware

FPGA Development (SW Interface, Reusable Verilog, Automated Builds)